Former Seychelles President James Alix Michel has recently joined the board of Fortune Africa Magazine, marking a significant move that has captured the attention of many in the business and political landscape.


In an acceptance letter shared with the public, President Michel expressed his excitement at the prospect of joining the prestigious board and contributing towards transformative initiatives in the blue economy. The former President emphasized the importance of preserving the oceans and water bodies worldwide and achieving sustainability in marine resources.


President Michel’s vast experience and expertise in environmental conservation and sustainable development make him a valuable addition to the board of Fortune Africa Magazine. His tenure as President of Seychelles was marked by a strong commitment to environmental protection and the promotion of the blue economy, earning him recognition on the global stage.


With this new role, President Michel is poised to make a positive impact by leveraging his knowledge and leadership in advancing sustainable practices and initiatives that will benefit not only Africa but the world at large. His vision for Fortune Africa Magazine aligns with the publication’s mission to promote awareness and action towards environmental conservation and responsible business practices.


The inclusion of President Michel on the board of Fortune Africa Magazine underscores the publication’s commitment to driving positive change and fostering collaboration with distinguished leaders in the field. As a respected figure in sustainable development and environmental stewardship, President Michel’s involvement is expected to elevate the publication’s efforts in advocating for the preservation of the oceans and fostering a more sustainable future.


In his acceptance letter, President Michel expressed his readiness to contribute meaningfully to Fortune Africa Magazine’s mission and work collaboratively towards achieving shared goals. His passion for environmental conservation and sustainable development reflects a steadfast commitment to making a difference in the world.


The appointment of President James Alix Michel to the board of Fortune Africa Magazine heralds a new chapter in the publication’s journey towards promoting sustainable practices and creating a positive impact on the blue economy. President Michel’s leadership and dedication are sure to inspire others to join in the collective effort to protect our oceans and water bodies for generations to come.